Welcome To BizeeInternet

Bizee Interent is proud to provide hosting, SEO, online backup and IT services.

The internet is a busy place, it is diverse, expanding and a valuable tools in our modern society. It is easy to get lost when trying to establish an online presence or making an IT decision.

Cloud Hosting, SSD hosting, OneDrive, Dropbox, Office 365, Online backup…. the list goes on and as it does so does the jargon that follows.

There is however another approach, Speak to BizeeInternet. We keep busy so you don’t have to, bad slogans out of the way, here are some of the services we provide.

Services include:

Web Design for small to medium businesses, charities, clubs and associations.

SEO – We will help to get your website seen in the most popular search engines.

Online Backup – We can backup from as little as 1GB to 1TB packages are available that are application aware and backup service such as Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V.

IT Support – Our IT support partner GO-IT Support is a business that we proudly refer people to on a daily business.

We like to make the work we do easy to understand, easy to follow and engaging. Our focus is delivering successful outcomes for our customers.

Web Hosting: We can host your website, if your site was designed by us then usually it is inclusive. However if you would like to use our hosting services we would be more than happy to see you come on-board.

If you are just starting out or you are new to the web, you will want to find a Domain Name, especially if the website is for a business or a club /association. This identifies you on the internet and is easier to type than a whole bunch of numbers (which is what goes on behind the scenes)

A name that matches your offline identity is preferable but not always possible, for example if your business is called John Smiths then chances are that the Domain Name “John Smiths” is already taken. Take some time to think about a name that works if your first choice is unavailable and try to avoid hyphenated names where possible.

Use the tool below to see if the domain name you want is available.